Monday, October 21, 2013

Spooky Chic Halloween Mantel

Today I wanted to share the details of my Halloween Mantel. I love the spooky chic theme and adore how it came out!

I used black, white and shades of metallic to create the color scheme, using mostly things I already had around the house. This kept it within what would otherwise be my style and let me just add a few seasonal touches. This kept the cost down too!

I first added my Halloween Ruffle Wreath, which was really the jumping off point for the entire mantel. 

To create some height, I stacked some books with the pages forward and placed my favorite Nate Berkus chevron urn on top. I topped it a little crow from the Dollar Tree and leaned a brass key against it. The candle holder was a cheap glass one from Goodwill that I sprayed with Looking Glass paint to give it a mercury glass look. 

For the other side, I also stacked books backwards, except for the Wicked book, which I left forwards since it is Halloween appropriate. I then painted branches from my yard with black spray paint and sprinkled them with silver glitter for a little bit of shine. Those were put in a silver and gold flecked vase, also from Goodwill. The hourglass is a vintage piece that belonged to my father. The real pumpkins were spray painted with chalkboard paint and their stems painted with liquid gold leaf. I can't draw to save my life so my B looks a little funky, but I'm ok with that! 

The large brass bucket is always on my hearth, used to store magazines and extra blankets. I put in my black and white striped blanket from Ikea and added some white pumpkins with gold leaf stems. 

This was a very inexpensive display to create - my only costs were the pumpkins and a $1 for the little crow. I love using what I already have to decorate for the holidays. Happy Halloween! 


  1. Hi Instagram friend! Loving your blog and I'm excited to follow along!

    1. Yay! Thanks Cari, glad to have you! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love what you did with your mantle! Can you come over to my house and decorate mine?! I have a big handicap when it comes to decorating mantles. :o) I'm going to try making the coffee filter wreath, since it is so cool looking! I'm so excited to have found you on IG and now your blog!