Thursday, August 1, 2013

{DIY} Instagram Collage

It's no secret that I love Instagram. I love being able to easily and quickly document the little happy moments that make me smile every day. I noticed that with as many pictures as I take every week, it had been forever since I'd updated any in the frames in my home. After being inspired by all of the Instagram collages and gallery walls on Pinterest, I decided it was past time for me to create a project using my Instagram photos. However, after being shocked at how expensive and difficult it is to find a large collage frame with 4x4 openings (the standard print size), I decided I'd make my own. 

Supplies needed:

Old frame
Poster board
Instagram prints
Scissors and tape

I started with this very sad $6.99 frame from Goodwill that had been sitting in my garage for months. I am in love with any and everything faux bamboo, and knew when I bought it that I'd eventually think of the perfect use for it. You're cute pup, but it was time for you to go.    

This frame is approximately 24x30, but any size frame will do depending on how many pictures you want to use. This one had obviously seen better days, so the frame itself got a quick coat of metallic spray paint to bring it back to life. I then went through my Instagram feed and picked out my favorites. I used Walgreens to print the photos - you can do it right from their phone app, making it super fast and easy to get your prints. 

Then pop out your current frame insert, cut the poster board to the same size and arrange your prints until you like how they look. There is really no method to this, but I wanted the poster board to appear as if it was a matting for the prints, so I made sure to space them evenly on all sides. I had a kitten helper in this process, admiring his photo. 

See how it looks like they are matted in a fancy, expensive frame with 4x4 openings? That's what we're going for! After I arranged them how I liked, I simply taped them in place and popped it back in the frame. 

I am loving how custom the finished project is, and better yet, how much money I saved over buying a new frame. 

I'd love for you to follow me on Instagram - it won't be long before it'll be time for another one of these! 

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