Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bandana Framing and Gallery Wall Progress

I recently ordered this print from Poster Revolution to start the gallery wall process in my office.

It is an odd size, 13x9, so I had trouble finding a frame that fit. I stumbled upon the idea for an easy solution while out at Hobby Lobby last weekend. I simply bought a bigger frame (16x20 size) and a bandana, and came up with this! 

I could have used the fabric I already bought to go in the room, but I wanted to save it for pillows and my chair redo and this bandana was only $.99. Goes great with the fabric I already have, and I love the finished product. 

I've also made some progress on my gallery wall for my office. Wanna see?

I obviously have a lot more to go. I am searching for the perfect prints for the smaller frames, and want to make over a cardboard J for the empty spot on the right hand side of the arrangement. 

What do you think? 

Linking to today's Terrific Under Ten Tuesday over at Kindra's blog! 

Also, thanks to Kindra for featuring my Desk Chair Makeover from last week!


  1. Looking great! Love your solution. I just posted about these signs. I could easily make you one for free if you ever need one a certain size. Just ask. :) I went on a bit of a binge making them recently, so I posted some as free printables on my blog.

  2. Kristy, that is awesome! How nice of you to offer the printables for free! I'm off to check them out :)